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Sheloshim sheelot (teshubot) neged ha-notzrim. The text seems to be identical with the treatise entitled "Sheloshim sheelot she-shaal jehudi le-mumar ehad..." , alternatively it might be a later, revised version of it, because the treatise "Sheloshim sheelot she-shaal jehudi" is extant in two allegedly sixteenth-century manuscripts. If the two texts are identical, and the two manuscripts are truly written in sixteenth century, the item should be cancelled from our list.


The text of the disputation is extant in three manuscripts:

  1. Leipzig, Universitätsbibliothek (LEIPZIG UBL B.H. 17, eighteenth-century Christian handwriting), 90r-95r
  2. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary (NY JTS 2417, seventeenth-eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 3v-13r

    The item is digitized.

  3. Rostock, Universitätsbibliothek (ROSTOCK OR. 38, eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 120r-125v

Secondary Literature

The text of the treatise "Sheloshim sheelot she-shaal jehudi le-mumar ehad..." is extant in five manuscripts:

  1. Jerusalem, National Library (JER NLI 8098=38, nineteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 62r
  2. Moscow, Russian state Library, Günzburg Collection (MOS RSL 304, seventeenth-eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 218v-219r
  3. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary (NY JTS 2460, sixteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 112r

    The item is digitized.

  4. Oxford, Bodleian Library (OX 2408, sixteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 96r-96v

    The item is digitized.

  5. Roma, Collegio Rabbinico (ROMA Coll. Rab. 98, eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 37r-37v

Secondary Literature


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