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Yehoshua ben Tzion (Salvatore Benedetto) SEGRÉ (1709-1798): Asham talui (1731). A revised edition of the work was prepared by the author in 1771


The text of Asham Talui was published by D. J. Malkiel, Ha-Pulmus ha-Yehudi-Notsri Erev ha-Et ha-Hadashah: Yehoshua Segre mi-Sekandyano we-Hiburo Asham Talui [Jewish-Christian Debate on the Eve of Modernity: Joshua Segre of Scandiano and his Work Asham Talui] (Jerusalem, 2004) in Hebrew. Formerly two short excerpts of the text were published by A. Neubauer, The Fifty Third Chapter of Isaiah According to Jewish Interpreters, 2 vols. (Oxford, 1876-1877), 1: 307-315, and 1:333-336. (The second portion is erroneously described as an excerpt from a book entitled Milhamot ha-Shem.) Translations of the two text samples can be found in 2:355-366, and 1:388-391, respectively.


The text of the disputation is extant in ten manuscripts:

  1. Berlin, Staatsbibliothek (BERLIN Fol. 2095, eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 1r-114v

    The item is digitized.

  2. Jerusalem, National Library (JER 759=28, nineteenth-twentieth-century Ashkenazi cursive), 469 [350] pages (Pages 213-330 are omitted) = copy of FRANK UB Oct. 54.
  3. London, Montefiore Library (LON MON 453, eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 1r-40r, defective

    The item is digitized, but only viewable from within the National Library of Israel.

  4. New York, Columbia University (NY COLUM X 893 J 78, eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 1r-33v, defective
  5. New York, Columbia University (NY COLUM X 893 Se 6, eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 1r-39v, defective
  6. Moscow, Russian State Library, Günzburg Collection (MOS RSL 215, eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 227r-334r
  7. Moscow, Russian State Library, Günzburg Collection (MOS RSL 267, eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 1r-167r
  8. Oxford, Bodleian Library (OX 2406, eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 1r-74v

    The item is digitized.

  9. Parma, Biblioteca Palatina (PARMA 2091, eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 1r-64r

    The item is digitized.

  10. Torino, Archivo Terracini (TORINO TER 1507, Italian type handwriting), 42 dafs, defective

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