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Mordechai (Marco) ben Nathan LUZZATTO (1720-1790, translator): Tzeriah bet El. A Hebrew translation of Fortaleza del Judaismo y confusion del estrano, formerly attributed to Abraham Ger of Cordova (Escudero Lorenzo). The original work was written in Spanish in the 17th century and was translated into Hebrew and Italian in the 18th century.


The text was published and translated by A. S. Dreyfus, Seriah Bet-El. Marco Luzzatto's Hebrew translation of the Spanish work Fortaleza del judaismo y confusion del estrano, 2 vols. (Cincinnati, 1949) (PhD thesis left in manuscript form. There are only a few copies worldwide).


The Hebrew text is extant in five manuscripts:

  1. Cincinnati, Hebrew Union College (CIN 726, eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 1r-66r

    The item is digitized.

  2. Frankfurt am Main, Universitätsbibliothek (FRANK UB OCT 153, nineteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 1r-94r

    The item is digitized.

  3. Mantova, Comunita Israelitica (MANT 79, eighteenth-century Italian /Rashi/ type handwriting) 1r-71v

    The item is digitized.

  4. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary (NY JTS 2296, eighteenth-century handwriting), 1r-127v

    The item is digitized.

  5. Oxford, Bodleian Library (OX 2173, eighteenth-century Sephardic type handwriting), 1r-80v

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