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Azriel Petahiah (Bonaiuto) Ben Moshe ALATINO (at the turn of the seventeenth century): Vikkuah al-nitzhiyyut ha-Torah. The disputation took place in April 1617 in Ferrara between the author and a Jesuit priest named Alfonso Caracciolo.


The text of the disputation was edited in Livorno: G. Jaré (ed), Vikkuah al Nitzhiyyut ha-Torah: ba-ir elav ha-Pereq 25 mi-Maamar 3 le-Sefer ha-Ikarim (Livorno, 1876). The text was reprinted in J. D. Eisenstein (ed), Ozar Vikkuhim (New York, 1929) 193-200 and in Qetaim mi-Sifrut ha-Pulmus (Jerusalem, 1969-70).


The text of the disputation is extant in thirteen manuscripts:

  1. Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Kaufmann Collection (BUD 299, seventeenth-century Italian type handwriting), 116-149

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  2. Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Kaufmann Collection (BUD 311, eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 238-246

    The item is digitized.

  3. Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Kaufmann Collection (BUD 557, seventeenth-eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 225-257

    The item is digitized.

  4. Jerusalem, Mosad ha-Rav Kook (JER KOOK 38, eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 1r-19v
  5. London, British Library (LON BL 1066 = LON BL Add. 26948, eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 18r-26r

    The item is digitized.

  6. Mantova, Comunita Israelitica (MANT 67, seventeenth-century Italian type handwriting), 1r-18v

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  7. Moscow, Russian State Library, Günzburg Collection (MOS RSL 279, seventeenth-century Italian type handwriting), 163r-173r
  8. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary (NY JTS 2336, seventeenth-century Italian type handwriting), 139r-153r

    The item is digitized.

  9. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary (NY JTS 2381, seventeenth-eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 1r-8v, defective

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  10. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary (NY JTS 2461, seventeenth-century Italian type handwriting), 1r-13r

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  11. Oxford, Bodleian Library (OX 2587, seventeenth-century Italian type handwriting), 1r-17v
  12. Oxford, Bodleian Library (OX 2785, eighteenth-century Italian type handwriting), 5r-20r
  13. Parma, Biblioteca Palatina (PARMA 2741, eighteenth-century, Italian /Rashi/ type handwriting), 1r-15v

    The item is digitized.

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